Boat classes

Boat classes

Singles. Doubles. Pairs.

Our shells' bespoke nature and our attention to detail mean that we build in limited numbers and for very discerning clients. And, for that same reason, we limit our boat-class range – small but perfectly formed - to single sculls, double sculls and sweep pairs

Our fine craftsmen build these unique shells in three distinct styles: CD-X, Custom and Special. But that is only the beginning - there are so many ways in which we can match you boat to your particular needs and wishes

Owners of our two-person shells can also select the flexibility of our pair-double option, configurable at will as double scull or sweep pair Outstanding as double-sculls, their performance as pairs is spectacular. And this pair/double option benefits from our technologically superb AeRowFin foil steering system - a joy in responsive, precise control for both sculling and sweep rowing

Crew weight

We tailor your shell to your crew weight. Few boat builders build in the genuinely different sizes that we have always offered. Each size in our unique range of hulls derives from the same suite of master lines, but re-scaled for optimum performance at your crew-weight

Our hull sizes:  <60kg • 70kg • 78kg • 85kg • 92kg • 100kg+  
(each size has the capacity for you to gain weight and still perform)

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