Shoes & stretchers

Safe, simple and durable, our shoes and stretchers are clean and efficient



We stock, supply and fit black H2Row shoes as we find to be the best value for money on the market. We can fit other makes to your CD boat on request.

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Stretcher board


Our carbon fibre stretcher boards are simple, durable, lightweight and very easily adjustable. The shoes screw directly into the board as does the stretcher and height/rake adjuster so no need for excessive metal components.

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The new PowrBoard™ Stretcher. Stiffer, stronger and lighter than our flat footboards, this stretcher is an improvement all-round. PowrBoard's™ ergonomic shape better matches your foot shape, supporting the heel through the drive. All major brands of rowing shoes are compatible, using our interchangeable ShoeDiscs™. The ShoeDisc™ system also allows rotation of the shoes on the board to the rower's desired foot alignment, be it splayed or toes-in.

Comes complete with two sets of ShoeDiscs™, covering the majority of rowing shoe bolt patterns.

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Steering foot available. We use a 'Bowden' steering foot system for improved control and reliability.

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Carbon stretcher


The simple CD stretcher system. Fewer components than others, an utterly reliable lightweight stretcher assembly.

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Heel restraints


We take capsize safety very seriously and all our shoes are meticulously fitted with robust heel restraints made from 4mm nylon cord and sealed for guaranteed safety in case of emergency.

Keel mount


Hard anodised keel mount for Carl Douglas stretchers. This is the mounting bar that attaches to the keel of the boat to fix the heel/rake adjuster

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Height rake adjuster


Simple, lightweight single aluminium piece, anodised for durability. Just three bolts and hinges or other moving parts

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