Hull sectioning

Road-traffic regulations in English-speaking countries are generally helpful to owners of singles and doubles, but in mainland Europe it is generally illegal to car-top, one-piece shells due to the overhang at one or both ends of the car.

When sectioned, our shells will normally fit within prescribed length limits, can be securely racked, do not exceed the permitted vehicle roof loadings and may be car-topped in every country.

Owners expecting to car-top a new shell in mainland Europe should seriously consider a section joint. Our strong, elegant section joint adds only about 700 grams to the boat’s weight and in no way affects its strength or integrity. It allows rapid assembly and dismantling and is almost undetectable by feel on the outside surface of the hull.

Our purpose-built racks for sectioned singles allow the boat to travel sectioned or in one piece.

Section joint – Single Scull (~700gms) £1,100
Section joint – Double Scull (~750gms) £1,250
Section joint – Pair-Oar (~750gms) £1,250
Special V-bar rack (for one or two-piece transport of sectional single scull) £250

boat hull on roofrack

Split section
Closed section
Closed section