Other finishes

Deck stripes

From £200

Where appropriate, or desired by the client, we can vary our characteristic deck centre-stripe. Thus a Bird’s Eye Maple deck, being very light in colour, will not work well with a standard Maple centre-stripe but looks great with a darker stripe.

Normally there is no surcharge for stripe colour coordination, but we offer an option of a braided carbon stripe for £200. This weave gives the sense of great depth, the pattern seeming to move beneath the clear surface.

Special figures

Sometimes we can obtain strikingly unusual figures in wood veneers which normally have a more familiar grain. These may include some with “interlocked” or “fiddle-back” grains, and other complex features normally absent. They may present extra problems during lamination and will carry a surcharge but result in very distinctive boats.

Other effects

Left: In this Special avodire sectional double, contrasting striping in the cockpits gives a beautiful result.

Right: In this Special rosewood single, the deck stripe runs through the slide-bed and bulkheads.

We always welcome your suggestions and ideas for interesting finishes and detailing but there may be a surcharge for anything particularly adventurous!