Steering & shell control

Small fittings, big impact. AeRowFin will do wonders for your boat’s steering and stability and all for less than the cost of a single new oar


A unique foil system for rowing shells


AeRowFin combines the traditional fin/rudder system into a single, integrated, hydro-dynamically designed device which truly empowers the cox and speeds the crew. Not only does it provide much more precise and immediate steering, it also helps to stabilise the boat through hydrodynamic effect.

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Canard Fin

Small fin, big difference


The Canard fin is a small foil fitted towards the bows. Only suitable for shells fitted with AeRowFin, it holds the bows on course, prevents leeway, reduces drag, enhances balance, improves speed and gives almost perfect shell control. We call this twin foil system HyperSteer.

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carnard fin



The ultimate in Shell Control

This combined foil system massively reduces leeway drag making the boat even more responsive, faster and more stable. It was described by one of the crew in the winning Saratoga Junior Ladies Eight at the Head of the Charles, as going around the notorious Weeks bend “like we were in a video game”.

The animation below demonstrates how HyperSteer affects shell control.