Other Fittings & Accessories

These small but vital items are mostly designed by us and, where possible, locally produced to our usual exacting standards. After all, the Devil is in the Detail...

Other accessories are manufactured and supplied by UK suppliers, having been sourced for their superior quality.



The very best bow protection. Suitable for CD shells only. Must be bonded to boat with polyurethane mastic, e.g. white Sikaflex EBT+ No screws or nails!

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4" diameter hatch, as used on all CDRS shells. We recommend using a polyurethane mastic rather than silicone to ensure a watertight bond

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Thumb nut

These tall nylon thumb nuts are perfect for stretcher adjustment. They won't interfere with your shoes and are lighter than stainless steel.

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NK bung

NK bung

Based on our standard bung but with integral NK-Speedcoach bracket. Designed for the sloping aft bulkhead on our shells to remove the need for a separate bracket, it keeps your GPS Speedcoach just where you want it. Yellow, like our number slots and AussieRail end-stops. NOTE: Wired Speedcoaches require our deck-top carbon bracket

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Standard bung


These 3D printed bulkhead bungs include a novel captive design which can never be lost! Yellow to match our number slots and the end-stops in our AussieRail

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Number slot

number slot

These 3D printed number slots are yellow to match our bungs and the end-stops in our AussieRail

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Plate fin

plate fin

The one place you don't need our AeRowFin, or any aerofoil fin, is on an oar-steered shell. This is our standard (since 1994) hard-anodised plate fin, to be bonded into the fin box with polyurethane mastic. Available for post-1994 Carl Douglas singles and doubles. But we also have older-style fins for pre-1994 fin boxes.   

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These very lightweight, folding aluminium trestles come in two sizes: singles & doubles or fours & eights

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car top V-bar

roof top

Built to the same spec as the trestles, our V-bar racks include two U-bolts for fitting to roof bars and two bungee ties to secure your boat.

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