Special fittings

All our boats are fitted with our own top quality fittings.

  • Hard-anodised AeRoWing riggers with AxioR pins and C-II gates
  • Hard-anodised AussieRail slides with shaped ends to prevent track bite.
  • Super smooth single-action seats with Lo-Glide wheels
  • Fully-adjustable CD stretchers with H2Row shoes (we will fit other makes on request)
  • White rubber bowball made specifically for our hull
  • Hatch, bungs and number slot

However, even on our 'standard' models (CD-X and Custom) we offer some optional refinements:

NK Speedcoach


Clean, low-drag, embedded installation which includes:

  • Turbine spinner set into fin blade
  • Rate-meter magnet bonded to seat spindle.
  • Special monitor mount on aft deck
  • All cables and sensors invisible

Installation does not include the NK monitor but we can obtain one for you.

Hand grips


Sculpted wood handles bonded to the boat that enable much easier boat handling off the water. Choose either or both handles:

Forward grip on the forward part of slide-bed, inside the washboards and ahead of the slides. 

Aft grip on the vertical face of the main (frontstops) bulkhead below the slide ends.

Bottle pocket


Our in-built cylindrical pocket takes a 75mm diameter water bottle. This neat, useful option is made from a matching laminate, positioned either:

Forward, set into the slide-bed, behind backstops, this is the usual and recommended position. 

Aft, set into the vertical face of the main (frontstops) bulkhead below the slide ends.

Custom seat

Included with all new boat orders

People are not all the same shape so why would the same shaped seat fit all people? Very often of course, they don’t and can be uncomfortable. You may find our standard seat perfectly suitable but if not, we ofter a unique custom seat service – a seat made specifically to fit your bum!  See here for more information about a custom seat and how to take measurements for it.