AeRowFin combines the traditional fin/rudder system into a single, integrated, hydro-dynamically designed device which truly empowers the cox and speeds the crew. Not only does it provide much more precise and immediate steering, it also helps to stabilise the boat through hydrodynamic effect.

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The product of intensive research and development, AeRowFin was designed by Carl Douglas for the Great Britain VIII which then so splendidly won Olympic Gold in Sydney in 2000. It has also been used successfully by both universities in the Boat Race and by many other crews including Henley winners.

AeRowFin is precision machined in Aluminium and anodised. Available for most rowing boat makes and all sizes.


AeRowFin is an amazingly precise and powerful steering system. 

Compact, economical, elegant and robust, it increases boat speed by enhancing control, improving stability and reducing overall drag. 

These claims are underpinned by solid science, established technology and, of course, by AeRowFin’s outstanding, proven performance.

Our guide takes you through the science of hydrodynamics and why AeRowFin solves the problems faced by other steering systems.

Read the AeRowFin technical document

Use our AeRowFin measurement guide to order your AeRowFin.


See the HyperSteer Installation Guide for AeRowFin fitting instructions


AeRowFins are tough, perhaps tougher than any other steering system, but do not abuse them!

Many conventional fins are in aluminium sheet, easily bent or knocked out. AeRowFins, held by stainless steel roots or bolts, are hard to bend or knock out. So you are less likely to lose or bend an AeRowFin than the device it replaces.

The worst abuse for an AeRowFin is repeated over-rotation. The sealed hinge is not designed for 90° rotation (see earlier advice) and repeated over-rotation may disrupt the seal, even damage the hinge.

There should be no slack between the steering pin and the motion of the steering element or the T-bar or V-yoke (Please contact us to discuss any individual cases or concerns).