General principles

As a major element in our advanced technology composite construction we use wood, laminated with Kevlar™ under heat and pressure. Wood evolved over 400 million years to withstand stress, fatigue and shock. It is strong, durable, stiff, light and amazingly mold-able. Our craftsmen have the know-how and skill to build in woodand our polished, hard–lacquered finish cannot hide mistakes. We combine it with the excellent man-made fibres of Kevlar™ and carbon with a particular precision. Every kind of fibre is used exactly where it gives best effect.

The shell

Hulls and decks marry the properties of wood and Kevlar™, bound with epoxy resins, to give incredibly stiff boats with skins tough and springy enough to absorb huge impacts unharmed. And on the Customs and particularly on the Specials you can choose the wood we use. High-elasticity aircraft graded spruce is used for all longitudinal members.

The shoulders

These carry all the stresses from the riggers, yet weigh only 400g in total. Shoulders are wood and carbon fibre, aligned and bonded in pressure dies. In other shells the shoulders are far softer than the riggers - just go round the boathouse trying them. Ours are incredibly strong and stiff, as this video demonstrates. 

Boat construction - biscuits