Our new, improved website

16th December 2019

Our new, improved website

Welcome to our new, improved website. We hope its content is better presented and much easier to navigate – on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. There's plenty of eye candy naturally, but the beauty of our boats and fittings is far more than skin-deep. We expertly design our products for outstanding and proven performance and to outlast all others.

So please browse and enjoy. And explore our webshop to see the unique Carl Douglas product range - designed and tested by us to bring advanced technology and enhanced performance to your rowing.

However this new site is a work in progress and it can best evolve with your help: what do you like; what should we change; is the information easy to access? How could we improve presentation?; Is there something we should add to our product range? So please share your thoughts in the comments below. We will always acknowledge and respond.

Thank you – Carl and The Team


CDRS Team : One thought to consider, regarding the new website would be to add a specification sheet with details, such as shell dimensions, weights, rigger features, et cetera. If this is already on the website, it is not obvious. Similarly, the price guide takes a bit of digging to find. So, making these two items easy to access, is something to consider. Also a gallery page, with a comprehensive set of photos for the various models, would be helpful as well. This would avoid the extra step of locating the CDRS Facebook page. One question - what are the duty and customs complexities and fees associated with shipping to the USA ? Thanks very much, Dave Ohst

Dave Ohst - 17th December 2019 at 7:16am

Carl Douglas Racing Shells

Dave, your thoughts are most welcome, thank you.  These are early days, but we've already discussed your comments and are considering how best to make the kinds of changes you'd like to see - please be patient as this may take us a little time.

On import into the USA:  We send by sea container and there's a 3.5% duty (WTO terms) on arrival, plus fees for Customs Agency (but you may wish to handle your own importation), and port handling which might add ~$100.  We ship to your nearest container-shipping port, but can arrange onward trucking.  For protection in freight handling and transit we pack your boat in a substantial timber/plywood case and it is fully insured, door-to-door.  For a single, shipping adds £1150, but if we have 3 or more boats for the same port we can use a dedicated container, strap all the boats into it, and the cost is then per container, regardless of number of boats (currently £2600 the lot).  So talk to your friends!


Good job Carl. Now we can add to your site!

Robert Den Hartog - 16th December 2019 at 5:30pm

Carl Douglas Racing Shells

Thank you, Rob.  A lot of hard and expert work has been put into creating this new website by Simon (from Spectulise, whose expertise we much admire) and Neil (a long-time associate of CDRS).  Now we invite your contributions on all relevant topics, to build on their good work.


Nice! A big improvement on the previous site

Neil Pickford - 16th December 2019 at 11:00am

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