Opportunities at CDRS

30th November 2023

Opportunities at CDRS

Worldwide demand for our uniquely beautiful boats and efficient rowing accessories, provides niches for talented craftspersons or engineers keen to apply craftsmanship, scientific principles, computer-aided design, CNC machining and much more to a wide range of materials and applications.

We require maturity, creativity, motivation, attention to detail and a determination to broaden your skill sets. Plus a level of maturity which, today, can be in short supply. As rowers we expect to win, and we work to a high standard, surmounting all challenges. So please only apply if you:

  • Care as deeply, as we do, about our work and our clients
  • Have an aptitude for crafts and engineering
  • Are always keens to learn
  • Are a team player
  • And want to make the best

For those rare people, we currently have opportunities to join our small but dedicated and expert team.

Please contact Carl, including CV at carl@carldouglasrowing.com or call the number below to discuss.


I wish I lived closer Sir....Moving teeth, Roasting coffee beans, and learning to build beuatiful wooden boats near water to row them year round sounds like heaven to me! Hope yer well. -D

Darin Ward - 14th June 2024 at 2:52pm

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