And the winners are...

6th May 2020

And the winners are...

Every picture tells a story, and what stories, covering over four decades and onwards! Many thanks to everyone who submitted their pictures – including those whose photos arrived just after our extended deadline!

We are so proud of this business, our products and, above all, of our clients – to whose shared love of performance, aesthetics and longevity we owe so much. Engineers (like me) exist to solve design challenges. But engineering cannot solve this challenge: how to pick a winner when there are no losers?

For action, guts and performance
The entries of Walter Braak and Rory Gullan. You can read and see more of Rory's amazing story here.

For aesthetics
Alex Koch's Black Tulip Special (at sunset?); David Fitzherbert' custom single in the Putney sunrise and swell (he sculled the Thames for charity); and Eric Moeller (USA) for the liquid beauty his American Walnut single's finish (we like sending boats back to where that wood grew!)

For the history
Joachim Meyerdierks' restoration project and Jean-Philippe's evocative shot of that ancient 2x bow. And the other German entries:Tristan Cooke's chilling image, and Henning Lippke with "Nelly", cold in Luebeck and warm in Sweden.

For poise and elegance
Sarah Harbour (and congratulations to Sarah on Alistair's recent arrival).

For something new
Fred Muraya's golden Avodire single, at Milton-Keynes, UK (Next time, Fred, let's see you in the boat, and its elegant inlay).

For determination
We salute Jean-Philippe's adapted boat (and landing stage) after "a serious accident". Nothing stops him - c'est formidable, mon brave!

Our decision!
It's been tough and there are certainly no losers but we've finally decided on two prize-winners: Alex Koch and Rory Gullan. On sending us their delivery addresses and shirt sizes they will receive new CDRS shirts from the batch arriving early next week. And, with our team, I send commendations and thanks to everyone again for their participation.

This has been fun! And perhaps we'll do it again after the lock-downs are over and we are back on the water world-wide. In the meantime, please do continue to send us your CD photos and CD stories, which we'd be glad to post.


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