The Lo-Glide single action seat is another result of our continuing program of refinement and redesign of rowing equipment.

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The smoothest running and most durable seat on the market - it makes you more efficient - more competitive.

Lo-Glide single action seats are simpler, stiffer and far lighter than traditional double action seats. Precision-machined nylon wheels, running on sealed high duty stainless steel ball bearings (not unsealed thermoplastic as some offer).

  • Laminated wood moulding seat top, to the latest form with outstanding lacquered finish. Available in Obeche (yellow), Cedar (brown) and carbon fibre (black). Other woods available to special order.
  • Black-anodized undercarriage in high tensile aluminum alloy bearers and spacers with integral seat clips. Fits all standard slides but works best on AussieRail
  • Precision machined thermo-plastic wheels. Stainless steel ball bearings. Lubricated and sealed for life
  • All popular track widths (rail to rail centres) 165mm - 180mm - 230mm - 255mm - 280mm - and specials to order.
  • Minimum seat height is just 46mm to the track. Others - to order
  • Only 300g-350g in weight depending upon specification. Saves up to 400g per seat over double-action.

Everybody is different and we don't all find seats comfortable. Fit your seat to suit your body with our unique service.


Why a custom seat?

Your problem

Just as no two faces are identical, we all differ greatly at the other end too!. And we humans were not really designed for sitting, still less for sitting and rowing.

Nerves, bones, tendons, bursae and blood vessels come close to the seat. If these meet local pressure from conflict between the seat and your anatomy, expect discomfort. This may range from soreness, through pain or numbness, even to losing feeling in one or both legs, or to disabling lower-back spasms.

The solution

A comfortable seat that distributes support over the greatest possible area and removes local pressure from sensitive areas.

Our Method

As well as measured data, we welcome a written account which describes your symptoms in reasonable detail. We then carefully review your data to see if one of our standard seats might meet your needs. Only if that is not possible will we propose a Customised seat.

From your data we then compute the ideal seat shape for your unique requirements and prepare a CNC machining file. Our CNC router gently removes (from a perfect symmetrical seat laminate in the wood of your choice) just those parts which could cause local over-load or conflict. This Customised seat, beautifully lacquered and with its Lo-glide undercarriage, will give you lasting comfort.

Measurement Guide

The World's very best rowing-seat wheels. Precision-machined, their integral sealed stainless bearings are packed with a special corrosion and water-resistant lubricant for maximum service.

Also available separately, Lo-Glide wheels are 34mm in diameter and fit almost every seat. With stainless M6 bolts and clear fitting instructions, Lo-Glide wheels can also be bought in bulk-discount quantities (please ask).