AeRoWing riggers are the optimum combination of lightness, durability, stiffness, strength and low wind-and-water resistance.

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Anyone can make riggers light – or stiff – or strong – or with low drag but they can't combine those properties. And none, it seems, can match the life-span of AeRoWing. They go on for ever!

  • Outstanding water clearance
  • Minimum wind & water drag
  • Complete pitch control with AxioR
  • Maximum torsional rigidity
  • Tremendous vertical stiffness
  • Crack & corrosion resistance
  • Huge strength & durability
  • Clean & simple appearance & finish

AeRoWing riggers can be fitted as original or replacement equipment to any make of boat – sculling or rowing. Nothing matches their efficiency and simplicity.

To ensure the correct fit, you will need to measure your boat for AeRoWing riggers. 

Step by step instructions are available in our  AeroWing Measurement Guide (pdf)
or in the video guide below.

Complete this form when measuring your boat for AeRoWing riggers

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