85kg Special Double scull

85kg Special Double scull

Listing date: May 2024
Category: Selling
Scull type: Double
Boat type: Special
Crew weight: 85kg
Approximate age: 20
Price: £7,995

Carl Douglas Double Scull for Sale - £7,995

American Cedar on Kevlar hull and deck with carbon ribs. Two stay alloy Aero riggers. In excellent condition owned from new. The double was always washed down after each outing and stored in the private members boat bay at Molesey Boat Club, United Kingdom, England. The same boat bay that was used for George Clooney’s film The Boys in the Boat. Fast long and thin racing hull, not twitchy very stable. Winner of numerous GB National and Henley Masters Medals A to C and has put down time of 3:12 secs for 1000m at Hamburg World Masters Regatta only 0.46 secs off beating the Lange brothers. The double was featured in the very successful Patek Philippe watches advertising campaign. The boat was picked for the photo shoot from numerous other doubles located throughout Europe and Patek Philippe paid for it to be freighted out for the return trip to Switzerland. Please see the photographs taken below. Photos taken 19th May 2024.

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