Exquisite craftmanship

We design and build the finest rowing equipment in the world. Our guiding principle - Fitness for Purpose - is seen in everything we do.

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Engineering your success

Quality, performance fittings for any make of racing shell

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Components, fittings, accessories

Our range of fittings are available to order online.

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Carl Douglas Racing Shells are the finest you will ever meet and the most advanced construction and hull forms of any racing boat. Our high-tech moulded wood composite shells have become the standard by which others are judged, and are prized by the sculler for their quality and durability.

Every feature is designed to maximise the life and enhance the performance of our boats. We are committed to a continuing programme of product development and each of our products is designed precisely for its purpose and race tested.

Proudly made in Britain

The vast majority of CDRS boats and fittings are made at our UK premises.

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