You won’t get a smoother ride than with the combination of our AussieRail slides and Lo–Glide seats



AussieRail and ends-stops detail wooden seat and undercarriage detail
AussieRail is the world's original, finest and lightest slide. We introduced it many years ago.
  • Hard anodized - for smoothness, appearance & maximum life
  • Ultra stiff - supports long overhangs and big loads
  • Very secure - stainless-steel high-duty holding bolts
  • Extra-light section - (the lightest) saves boat weight
  • Optimum track shape - seats will not jump
  • International standard seat retention lip
  • No sharp edges - profiled ends/endstops protect your calves
Available, ready to use in all and any lengths. Fitted by the best boatbuilders

Seat & slide detail
The Lo-Glide single action seat is another result of our continuing program of refinement and redesign of rowing equipment.

The smoothest running and most durable seat on the market - it makes you more efficient - more competitive.

Lo-Glide single action seats are simpler, stiffer and far lighter than traditional double action seats. Precision-machined nylon wheels, running on sealed high duty stainless steel ball bearings (not unsealed thermoplastic as some offer).
  • Laminated wood moulding seat top, to the latest form with outstanding lacquered finish. Available in Obeche (yellow), Cedar (brown) and carbon fibre (black). Other woods available to special order.
  • Black-anodized undercarriage in high tensile aluminum alloy bearers and spacers with integral seat clips. Fits all standard slides but works best on AussieRail
  • Precision machined thermo-plastic wheels. Stainless steel ball bearings. Lubricated and sealed for life
  • All popular track widths (rail to rail centres) 165mm - 180mm - 230mm - 255mm - 280mm - and specials to order.
  • Minimum seat height is just 46mm to the track. Others - to order
  • Only 300g-350g in weight depending upon specification. Saves up to 400g per seat over double-action.
Wheels are available separately and can be fitted to most single action seats.

We also offer a customised seat service. Everybody is different and we don't all find seats comfortable. Fit your seat to suit your body with our unique service.
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