Often simplicity is the best solution and our AeRoWing riggers and AxioR pin fittings are the epitome of simple, functional elegance



AeRoWing with AxioR pin detail AxioR pin detail
AeRoWing riggers are the optimum combination of lightness, durability, stiffness, strength and low wind-and-water resistance.

Anyone can make riggers light - or stiff - or strong - or with low drag but they can't combine those properties. And none, it seems, can match the life-span of AeRoWing. They go on for ever!  
  • Outstanding water clearance
  • Minimum wind & water drag
  • Complete pitch control with AxioR
  • Maximum torsional rigidity
  • Tremendous vertical stiffness
  • Crack & corrosion resistance
  • Huge strength & durability
  • Clean & simple appearance & finish
AeRoWing riggers can be fitted as original or replacement equipment to any make of boat - sculling or rowing. Nothing matches their efficiency and simplicity.

To ensure the correct fit, you will need to measure you boat for AeRoWing riggers. Take your pick from
written or video instructions on how to measure your boat accurately.
AxioR is a solid stainless steel swivel pin with a race-proven patent mechanism for independent adjustment of lateral and fore/aft pitches - IT CANNOT SLIP. AxioR is easily adjustable with no need to bend™ the pin in order to achieve the required pitches.

Full instructions on how to assemble your AxioR and pitch your rigging.
AxioR pitching system detail



Hyteners range snappers with gate detail
Hyteners eliminate the problems of variable saxboard angles, making every rigger interchangeable, allowing easy 'frig-rigging' and let you raise or lower riggers quickly and easily, for heavier/lighter crews, or for rough water.
  • Smooth-edged, precision-tapered protective mounting plates
  • Slotted to fit straight over the rigger bolts - no fuss
  • Accurately calibrated for 0, .5, 1, 1.5 or 2 degrees
  • Angled Hyteners change rig height by 10mm per degree
  • "zero" Hyteners make perfect rigger mounting plates
  • Hyteners protect your boat & enhance its appearance
  • One size fits all pins, scull to sweep.
  • Snap-fit, snap them on, snap them off - no spanners required!
  • They float, so you won't lose them on the water and they're bright red, so you can find them on the ground!
  • In sets of 5 Snappers 4 @ 6mm thick, 1 @ 3mm thick (for 27mm total adjustment in 3mm steps).
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