Expert repairs and refurbishments done with the same meticulous attention to detail as when the boat was first built



three different deck veneers
In the very rare event of major damage, repairs are done in our workshop or by our approved repairers if outside the UK. We will quote for the work only after physical inspection but may be able togive preliminary estimates from photographs. We are well regarded bythe major rowing insurance companies.

It should be noted that whilst we do our utmost to match repair veneer patterns as closely as possible, it is impossible to replicated the natural ageing process of the wood, which will cause a colour mismatch. This will soften overtime and we do take care to make the repair as stylish as possible.

Contact us to arrange a repair estimate. For repairs in Mainland Europe please contact our agent at Heeres Boat Service

For approved repairers outside of the UK or Mainland Europe, please contact us.

Click here for details on how to do minor repairs yourself
Service, re-varnish and polish your Carl Douglas Custom shell and it will look and feel like new – even if your boat is 30 years old, like the boat on the right in the picture above!

Standard refurbishment includes:
  • Report on structure & condition
  • Remove/repair minor blemishes
  • Insert glass stem band and fit stem ball
  • Sand down existing finish & revarnish, polishing hull & decks (as defined)
  • Supply & fit new AussieRail slides
  • Check & service fin, bulkhead, seals, seats, stretchers, riggers and steering.
  • (Parts charged on 'checked' items only as required).
Standard refurbishment excludes:

Major damage repairs, eg. perforations & deep gouges, broken washboards, damaged shoulders, seriously abraded or damaged finish, etc. (but an overhaul is an economical time to incorporate such repairs).
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