The attention to detail on our boat finishing is unsurpassed and the world class fittings are developed in-house



Shiny finish detail Walnut boat cockpit
No other boats are as beautiful or as well finished

On the wooden finished Custom and Special models we take great care to select and book-match the wood veneers on hull and decks, giving our racing machines the refined looks of classic furniture. Outer surfaces are meticulously sanded, sealed with a tough epoxy layer, sanded again and then lacquered.

The CD-X is given the same careful finishing treatment as the wooden boats. However, instead of the final lacquer coat, it is finished with a white polyurethane coating, retaining the classic CD lines.

All our boats have our 'uni-glass' bonded-insert *stemband (under the bows), to protect against driftwood and other nasties in the water.

Finally, your boat is polished until it glows! The best possible racing finish
All our boats are fitted with our own top quality fittings
  • Hard-anodised AeRoWing riggers with AxioR pins and C-II gates
  • Hard-anodised AussieRail slides with shaped ends to prevent track bite.
  • Super smooth single-action seats with Lo-Glide wheels
  • Fully-adjustable CD stretchers with H2Row shoes
  • White rubber bowball made specifically for our hull
  • Hatch, bungs and number slot
  • Seats customised to your own specific body shape for extra comfort (This option is free of charge with all new boat orders).
  • Fully integrated Speed coach loom and bracket - no messy wires
  • Bottle pocket
  • Carrying handles
  • Section your boat for easy transport
stemband and bow ball detailbung detail rigger bolt detailhatch detail
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