Carl Douglas Racing Shells are the finest you will ever see or race and the most advanced construction and hull forms of any racing boat

SINGLES                  DOUBLES                  PAIRS

FAST                  BEAUTIFUL                  RESPONSIVE

Single, double, pair illustration
Our high-tech wood/Kevlar™ composite shells are admired by all and prized for their speed, responsiveness and durability. We design every aspect to maximise their perfor-mance and longevity. Committed to continuing development and innovation, we race prove all of our products.

Investing in your athletic future and your sport, you demand the best return and our shells provide it. We build under a hundred boats a year. Each one individually. Each with utmost skill and care. And we build them with love – for you. Their uncompromising performance and exceptional durability make them a joy to own and race

Each athlete/crew needs a hull to their own weight. Few boat builders offer genuinely different sizes. We offer a suite of hulls, from the same set of master lines but scaled in all dimensions, each tailored exactly for best performance in its crew-weight bracket.

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