Carl Douglas owners are a small, select and worldwide group. Would-be owners often do not know where to find used equipment. This free service may help to bridge that gap whether you have a Carl Douglas boat to sell or are looking for a second-hand boat. 
   However, our boats outlast and outperform all others, so they rarely change hands. If you can't quite find what you want, would you consider a new boat, built to your exact specification? Have a look around the site orcontact Carl for more information.
   Please note that we only advertise Carl Douglas Shells on this website and that CDRS will not give an estimate as to what your boat is worth - it is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it! 
   We also do not buy boats ourselves nor act as an intermediary or agent. This service is simply a free notice board and any business is strictly between the advertiser and any interested parties. Advertisements will be posted for a limited period. Please complete the form with your details and any links or images of you boat and we will post it here, free of charge. Please note that all notices will automatically be taken down after 6 months. Please inform us if you would like it to remain on this page.
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Are you outside the UK but interested in any of these second–hand boats for sale?  
We regularly ship to other countries and, for a reasonable fee, could arrange safe
delivery to you.  
Contact or +44 (0) 1932 570946 for more details

November 2017
80kg Custom Double Scull / Pair

This 1983 boat can boast multiple Pairs Head pennants. Complete with all fixtures and fittings includingoriginal rowing and sculling riggers, replacement sculling riggers, steering footplate and non-steering footplates. Has had some minor damged repaired and the boat has been re-lacqured.
Asking price is £4000
Boat is at Thames Rowing Club, Putney. Buyer collects

John Hale  

TRC 2x/-

May 2018
78kg CD-X Single Scull

This boat is approximataly two and a half years old and is in fantastic, nearly new condition. Includes impeller, stroke coach, hidden wiring and bottle pocket.
Asking price is £6000
Boat is in the UK. Buyer collects

Alew  +44 (0) 7793 848365


May 2017
100kg  single scull

Looking for a custom single up to 10 years old in good condition. Willing to spend up to £7000 depending on condition but will also need to arrange delivery to South Africa.

Rob Latham
 on or +27 73 150 6686

June 2017
70kg CD-X single scull

Looking for a CD-X single up to 7 years old, preferably in good condition but at least in working order and ideally with a speed coach mount. Have a budget of £1500 and willing to collect from a UK address

Contact Alex Tyler
on or +44 (0) 7597 351429

October 2017
95kg CD-X single scull

Looking for a CD-X single up to 15 years old in good working condition. Willing to spend up to £2500 depending on condition but ideally looking for a boat that's been loved!  Willing to collect from a UK address

Contact Nathan Nichols-Elton

March 2019
85kg  Custom single scull

Looking for a custom single up to 10 years old in as new condition as possible. All veneers considered but original CD handles are preferred. Will offer a fair price depending on age and condition.  Willing to collect in USA lower 48 or Canada

Contact  Don Costello
on or 541-297-9227

April 2019
78kg  Special single scull

Looking for a new or nearly new Special single in black tulip or black walnut. Prepared to spend up to 10k, depending on age and condition, and can collect from UK address

Contact  Jamie Pine
on or 07758 690433
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